Why use a bilge pump?

In the nautical world, every piece of equipment is essential and requires regular maintenance to avoid the risk of sinking. The bilge pump is little known to passengers and is often neglected, but it plays a very important role in the safety of a boat. Being invaluable in emergency situations, the bilge pump must also […]

Where to find foghorns?

Foghorns are a common accessory in the world of boats in general. They are going to have an essential function regarding the safety of your movements. Depending on your needs, it is necessary to turn to the right place to get a foghorn. In boat accessory shops Foghorns can be found in specialist fishing shops. […]

How do you get rid of flares?

Boat flares should not be used after their expiry date. They represent a great danger for their users. However, it is forbidden to dispose of them with conventional waste. So how do you dispose of flares? Never use expired flares Like everything else, boat flares have a limited lifespan. Once they have expired, they should […]

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