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What size lifejacket should an Australian Shepherd wear?

It is important to be precise about the choice of life-saving equipment when making a choice. When it comes to the size of the life jacket for an Australian Shepherd, nothing should escape you. Because it is your pet’s safety that is at stake, you must be careful.

A lifejacket according to the size of the animal

An Australian Shepherd is an animal with a fairly large body. So if you need to find a life jacket that can fit him, it is necessary to take the dimensions of his body. If not, it is quite possible that you will get the wrong size when choosing this type of material.

Therefore, you must have the size of your Australian shepherd at your disposal. In general, this animal has a furry body. You should therefore measure its size by removing the thickness of its hair. If your dog’s life jacket is too big, it is quite possible that the jacket will slip off when the dog is wearing it. This is very dangerous, especially for unruly dogs. Note that there are a variety of dog life jackets. You should opt for models from major brands to ensure their practicality and durability.

The details to be specified

When it comes to the right size life jacket for an Australian Shepherd, there are some details you should never forget. The safety of your dog should be your priority. Also, the animal must be kept comfortable. So, these few points should be given priority:

  • The attachment to the life jacket
  • The back handle (to get the dog out of the water in case of an accident)
  • The leash attachment loop
  • Finishing touches (such as tags and reflective tape)

For the size guide, here is a small summary table:

SizeLength (cm)Chest size (cm)
S33 à 4153 à 89
M38 à 5064 à 99
L43 à 6169 à 112
XL51 à 6676 à 122

Your dog should always wear a life jacket when walking on the water or when you go boating. Your dog may also be afraid of water. So to give him more confidence, he needs this type of equipment.

The option of a lifejacket with fasteners

Of the more reliable models, the tethered dog lifejacket attracts many users. With this type of equipment, you can’t go wrong with the size. You can calibrate the fit of your dog’s waistcoat from the clips.

Also, it is no longer necessary to change lifejackets as your dog grows. These attachments are, in most cases, retractable. This detail allows your dog to remain comfortable while wearing the waistcoat.

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