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Which inflatable fencing should I choose?

An inflatable fender can act as a protector for your boat’s hull throughout the journey, especially to prevent scratches and other damage to the boat’s hull. It is sometimes referred to as a protective buoy, as it can protect the hull from impact. Moreover, it comes in many shapes and sizes. However, you need to know which type of inflatable fender is suitable for your boat.

How to choose an inflatable fender?

Generally speaking, the choice of an inflatable fender depends on the size and shape of the boat. Usually a boat needs 6 inflatable fenders, 3 per side. The inflatable fender is positioned at the bow or at the front of the boat, which is the ideal place for it to protect the boat.

Everyone dreams of having the perfect fender for their boat. An accessory that will be able to resist and protect the hull of your boat. A fender that is both attractive and reliable. Fortunately, today there is a wide choice of inflatable fenders.

To choose your inflatable fender, you need to know its shape, size and height.

  • Shape: Choosing the shape of your bumper is quite important. Normally, the shape of the inflatable fender is chosen according to the shape of the boat’s hull. Spherical or cylindrical shapes are the most common fender shapes. If you have a long and high boat, it is better to choose larger fenders.
  • Size: Like the shape, the size of the inflatable fender is determined by the size of the boat and the freeboard. The minimum length of an inflatable fender is 75 cm. It is recommended that the length of the inflatable fender should not be shorter than this, so that the fender can function effectively.
  • Height: The height of the fender should be 2/3 of the freeboard height. This is the ideal standard for an inflatable fender.

The different types of inflatable fenders

At present, there are different types of inflatable fenders. Each type of inflatable bumper has its own specific characteristics.

  1. The cylindrical bumper: This is the most common type of bumper, but also the most expensive. This type of inflatable bumper is easier to use and maintain.
  2. Spherical baffle: This type of inflatable b affle is made of PVC, which makes it quite strong and effective in all circumstances. This spherical fender is usually used during complex cruises.
  • The flat fender: The flat fender is mainly made of foam. It is ideal for boats longer than 10 m. The flat fender is resistant to the sun.

How do I fix my inflatable fender?

An inflatable fender is quite easy to attach. First of all, you have to inflate the fender. After that, attach the 6 inflatable fenders to the 2 edges. To make sure that the inflatable f ender is secure, use the capstan knot.

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