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How does the Boat Circuit Breaker work?

Boating is an activity for which safety must be assessed in detail. In particular, the need to use a circuit breaker can be mentioned. This simple-looking accessory can be of great help in many situations. It is therefore to your advantage to take an interest in it.

The need for an emergency engine cut-off

Various incidents are difficult to predict when travelling by boat. One of these is that the driver may end up out of the boat, for example by falling into the water. If the engine is not stopped at that moment, the boat may be damaged. This is where the boat fuse comes in.

The purpose of this device is to make it possible to shut down the engine in an emergency. As soon as the pilot is no longer seated at his post, the engine will be switched off. The boat will not continue at high speed, and it will be more or less easy for the pilot to return to his station.

The threshold for the use of the circuit breaker

The boat circuit breaker becomes compulsory for boats as soon as their power reaches or exceeds 4.5 kW or 6 hp. After that, even if the power is only close to this threshold, it is still recommended to use this accessory. The slower it goes, the less risk it will present in terms of possible collisions.

If you do not use a boat fuse if you don’t use the engine, even though your engine exceeds the specified threshold, you may be penalised. This is not the only concern, as you are also endangering the passengers and people on the boat’s route.

How to use the circuit breaker

The boat fuse is a cable with two end fittings that connect to a dial on your dashboard. As soon as the whole thing is detached, the engine stops working. One mistake people make is to simply put the endcaps where they are needed, without attaching the whole thing to themselves.

However, this is the same as not using them, because the whole thing will stay in place even if you are thrown out of your seat. It is best to attach it to your leg. It is not advisable to attach it to your wrist, as this can get in the way when you are changing turns.

Finding a quality circuit breaker

In order to get the most out of this accessory, you should get the most functional models. To do this, you need to go to an online shop that is able to give you good overall quality.

You should also find out which brands make the best value for money boat fuses. Compare the offers you find, and then choose the one that offers the most advantages for you. Once you have done this, you will be able to sail with maximum safety.

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