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What is the starboard light sector?

A ship’s navigation light can belong to a specific sector. This applies whether it is on the port or starboard side. The question that often arises is in which sector the starboard light is located. This will help you to orientate yourself better when you are in the open sea. This also applies if you enter port at a late hour.

The principle of the sector light

Also known as a guide light. The sector light is a form of light marking that can be carried by a beacon or a lighthouse. The colour of the light beam changes according to the location of your vessel. It should be noted that a sector light can be essential for night-time navigation.

For example, you can use it when returning to port after a day of fishing. You should also use a sector light when navigating in a fairly narrow shipping channel. Certain dangers can arise at any time in such a place, such as at the entrance to the harbour. In addition, the right light must be switched on depending on the situation.

The conventional starboard light in a single area

Normally, the ship’s navigation light has a white light that indicates a danger-free zone. There are also fixed light sectors, of which the starboard light is one. The green light can indicate a danger zone on the right. The light will automatically come on as soon as your boat leaves the safe navigation area.

You will then see the green light if the boat is sailing too far to the right. In any case, you should have no trouble getting the boat back on course. Note that this type of light is a better alternative to buoyancy. The latter can be more expensive than sector lights.

Complex sectors should not be overlooked either

The starboard light can also be part of a complex sector on a boat. You should not neglect this point before setting sail. The use of the light can be essential if you are unsure of your direction. In fact, the use of the starboard light can improve your navigation system.

The angle of uncertainty will be quickly materialised and improved by the arc produced by the starboard light. It should be noted that the sector light will help you to navigate on the right course even in difficult situations. You will be able to find your way even in narrow sailing areas.

Sector lights can be combined

The starboard light can be part of the combination of sector lights which is done in an exceptional way. This is because the sector lights are not combined at all times. In the first place, there is the use of pairs of sector lights, which consists in separating the traffic.

Then there is the multi-sector light, which is used with different light characteristics. This type of combination is provided for in the IALA. Also, one should not neglect line lights to delimit a sector in a fairway. Finally, there are the sector alignments which can correspond to three lights of a sector light in certain cases.

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