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How does a battery coupler work?

In order to take advantage of charging the alternator on several batteries, you will need a charge distributor. There are two different models of this device. When buying a battery coupler, you can choose between the battery coupler and the battery splitter. The first model is very popular because of its advantages and ease of operation.

What is a battery coupler?

The battery coupler is a device with a dual function. It is used to connect your first battery to the auxiliary battery. When we talk about your first battery, we are talking about your starter battery. The auxiliary battery is your service battery. With the installation of a battery coupling, the relay of the first battery closes once it is fully charged.

The second can then review the charge. This coupler can also monitor the voltage of the two connected batteries. It is fully capable of switching on once the service battery is charged by a battery charger. Its role is also to prevent corrections to the charging voltages of the alternators. It is also important to let you know that using this device gives you an opportunity to :

  • to be self-sufficient in energy during your sea voyages
  • enjoy ease of use
  • to benefit from ease of installation
  • to benefit from a lower price.

How a battery coupler works

This device offers a very simple operation. Once your boat starts up, your battery is charged by the alternator. The engine battery then reaches a certain level of charge. At this point the battery coupler closes and allows the other batteries to charge.

Once the engine stops running, your device also senses the voltage drop. In this case, its role is to disassociate the two batteries in order not to discharge the engine battery. This solution offers you an opportunity to avoid a difficult start the next time you want to embark on your boat. Well before you buy your model of boat battery coupler, it is important to let you know that this device does not allow you to reach a 100% charge. The charge stops at 80%.

How to use a battery coupler?

Another advantage is its ease of use. However, if you have decided to buy a battery coupler, you should make sure that you take certain criteria into account. Start by checking your batteries. You can only combine batteries of the same age and comparable capacity. If you have decided to use two different batteries, the difference should not exceed 10 to 15%.

The current of your alternator is also a criterion to be taken into account. The same applies to the voltage of the connected batteries and the composition of your auxiliary battery. It is also important to note that battery couplers come in different models. Try to choose your device according to its quality and your budget.

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