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Why use a bilge pump?

In the nautical world, every piece of equipment is essential and requires regular maintenance to avoid the risk of sinking. The bilge pump is little known to passengers and is often neglected, but it plays a very important role in the safety of a boat. Being invaluable in emergency situations, the bilge pump must also function in the absence of a crew, especially in port. You can read more about its advantages in this article.

The bilge pump, an equipment not to be taken lightly

During a boat trip, rain, large waves and even a leak in the hull can obviously lead to the ship taking on water. The ship may sink if optimal measures are not taken in good time. Moreover, it is at this point that you should check whether the bilge pump is functional or not.

In addition, this equipment is essential because of its many benefits. All passengers on board can enjoy their journey if there is no risk of the bilge being submerged. What exactly is a bilge pump used for?

To empty a ship’s hold

Different types of bilge pumps exist today, depending on their design. Their main role is to empty or dry out the bilge, especially if there is a risk of leakage on the boat. Whatever the option, manual, automatic or electric bilge pumps can empty any liquid that stagnates at the bottom of the bilge.

In any case, the managers or checkers must ensure that there are no submerged or air-bubbled parts in the turbine. Before going to sea, everything should be checked. If a boat owner chooses the manual pump, the pumping action requires much more time.

Manual or automatic bilge pump?

Many different sources of water ingress can fill the hold of a boat due to open portholes and deck hatches, or due to droplets on refrigerators or air conditioners. In addition, during the winter, condensation from the interior walls of the ship turns into water in the hold.

In this case, the use of an automatic bilge pump is ideal to avoid any danger. Connected to a battery or a switch, this pump helps you to transfer any water leakage at all times. It should be fitted with a strainer to prevent blockage or backflow.

Maintenance and tips

The bilge pump, a piece of equipment that carries a lot of load and water current, should be maintained regularly. Of course, if it malfunctions, it should be repaired or even replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent the discharge hose from backing up and dirty water from leaking out. It is also advisable to use an alarm system, especially if you opt for an electric bilge pump.

In addition to these essential precautions, it is also advisable to reserve a manual pump so that the battery can be drained when the bilge pump is running for hours. Finally, it is important to use a better bilge pump that offers a long service life.

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