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Which anchor for kayak fishing?

Whether it is a floating anchor or an attachment anchor, this equipment is of paramount importance for kayak fishing. It is the accessory that keeps the vessel in the right position. This is why it is of great importance to choose it well.

Types of anchors that are ideal for kayak fishing

An anchor for kayak fishing is not chosen willy-nilly. It is the assurance that this equipment can meet your needs perfectly. there are two types of anchors that can be used for proper kayak fishing.

Firstly, you have the floating anchor, which is characterised by its parachute or paraglider shape. As the name clearly implies, this type floats on the sea bed. Its purpose is not to stop the boat, but to brake the kayak. Once in the water, this accessory starts to inflate in order to hold the boat in a certain position. Thefloating anchor works by means of wind and current. This is why it is necessary to know the fishing area well before you go there.

In addition to thefloating anchor, the tethering anchor can also be used during kayak fishing. Also known as a boat anchor, the principle of the boat anchor is to stop the kayak’s progress immediately. There are many different types of anchors. The grapple anchor is suitable for completely anchoring a kayak. This type is very light, which makes it suitable for small boats.

Criteria to take into account when choosing an anchor for kayak fishing

As you can see, the ideal anchor for good kayak fishing is not chosen in any way. There are many parameters to consider when choosing an anchor.

The weight of the anchor

The first parameter to consider is the weight of the anchor. This should be considered in relation to the weight of the boat. For a large, heavy kayak, avoid light anchors as they are easily carried away by the boat. However, in most cases, a 1 kg anchor can be enough to keep a kayak in the right place. For a boat longer than 4 metres, a 3.5 kg anchor will do the trick. In all cases, the advice of a professional in the field can be helpful.

The area to be fished

In addition to the weight, it is also important to consider the area and the type of fishing to be done. If the seabed is rocky or covered with seaweed, you should choose a grapple-type sea anchor. This type of anchor is obviously able to attach itself to these bottoms. For a calm area, afloating anchor is what you need.

The brand

To ensure the performance of the anchor you need for your kayak fishing, it is advisable to choose a reputable brand. This is a guarantee of the quality of your equipment. Do not hesitate to do your research on the reliability of the brand.

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