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What is an anode on a boat?

A boat anode is the essential equipment to protect the metal parts of the boat from corrosion. Thanks to its ability to limit the effects of corrosion, this accessory can extend the life of a boat. What is it really? What roles does it play? What are the different types? Here’s everything you need to know about a boat anode.

The purpose of a boat anode

The metal parts of a boat that come into contact with sea water are subject to corrosive effects. Corrosion is quite natural if the metal is in direct contact with sea water. It can attack important parts of the boat such as the propeller, shaft, rudder and metal hull. Thus, it can affect the proper functioning of your equipment. This is why a boat anode is so important. It is a piece of equipment that will limit the formation of corrosion on metal parts.

This part owes its ability to prevent corrosion to its electropositive metal structure. This will help the metal parts to resist corrosion perfectly.

The different types of boat anodes

A boat anode comes in several types which differ according to the design material. First of all, there are magnesium anodes, which are used when you sail in fresh water. You can also find zinc, which is the ideal material for sailing at sea. A boat anode can be made of aluminium, which is designed for brackish water.

There are people who are starting to design their own boat anodes. If you want to do this, you have to make sure that the material has an aluminium content of 99.996%. The iron content should be minimal. For optimal efficiency, the boat anode must meet the relevant standards.

How to choose a boat anode?

For a boat anode to perform its function correctly, it is necessary to choose it well. To do this, you must take into account the type of navigation and the model of boat.

Furthermore, an anode can be differentiated according to the way it is fixed. While some are screwed on, others are bolted on. There are those that are welded and suspended. In addition, there are many different shapes. From the plate to the carp tail, not forgetting the oval, the shape is chosen according to your needs.

If you have difficulties in choosing, it is advisable to seek advice from an expert in the field.

Replace the anode at the right time

Over time, theanode of a boat wears out. It is therefore necessary to replace it. It is necessary to check its condition from time to time so that it can be replaced in time. In principle, an anode should be replaced every 5 years for inland navigation. It is also recommended to change this part every time the boat is refitted.

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